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    1. 溫州智科包裝機械有限公司專業從事包裝機械制造
      OEM Processing
      Support on-demand
      Various types
      Superior cost performance
      Quality assurance
      No worries after sale
      Fully equipped
      More than a thousand
      Granale horizontal pre
      Liquid horizontal pre
      Sauce horizontal prem
      Powder horizontal pre
      Pouch in pouch horizo
      Three-station horizont
      Biomedical horizontal
      horizontal premade v
      Video experience center
      Powder video
      Sauce video
      Liquid video
      Vacuum unit video
      Choose Zhike Packaging Machinery 5 reasons
      Smart City Solutions
      Automatic high-speed horizontal bag packaging machine professional manufacturer
      Focus on R&D and manufacturing, products sell well at home and abroad
      Focus on R&D and manufacturing
      The company was established in 2012, and its products have been widely positioned in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Hardware and electronics are higher than the industry. ?
      ??????????????????????????????????? Standard to R & D, production level to bag packaging machine
      Received many honors and national patents
      Zhike packaging, forge ahead, and constantly innovate, ???????????????????????????????????
      It has obtained 2 invention patents issued by the state and 11 utility model patents. ???????????????????????????????????
      There are currently 2 invention patents and several utility model patents being filed. Every time the technology is improved, we are providing our customers with better performance bagging machines.
      Perfect after-sales service system
      Have a professional customer service team to give you the most intimate service:
      Have a professional technical research and development team,
      Provide you with free technical support.
      Sophisticated craftsmanship, advanced and reasonable design
      In terms of machinery, Zhike Packaging adopts the precision mechanical structure design obtained by the national patent technology.
      Compared with the traditional electrical paging structure, ???????????????????????????????????
      It has precise transmission and precise angle, which ensures the stability of the equipment.
      Solve customer needs with services
      Solve customer needs with services
      We can customize products with special needs according to the customer's requirements. ???????????????????????????????????
      Chinese and foreign merchants, users from all walks of life and friends are invited to visit and negotiate trade. ???????????????????????????????????
      We are willing to go hand in hand with you on the road to success and win-win cooperation!

      about us 關于我們

      Automatic high-speed horizontal bag packaging machine professional manufacturer

      Wenzhou Zhike Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Wenzhou Zhike Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in packaging machinery manufacturing
      ZK-210/250/300 prefabricated bag horizontal packaging machine is a widely used automatic weighing and filling automatic packaging equipment, which has the advantages of fast filling speed, high efficiency and flat sealing.
      1. Applicable fields:
      1) food; 2) medicine; 3) hardware; 4) electronics; 5) daily; 6) beauty products; 7) pet food;
      8) Fertilizer; 9) Veterinary drugs; 10) Other fields
      2. Applicable materials:
      1) granules; 2) solids; 3) powders; 4) liquids, sauces, pastes 5) complex shaped materials
      By adding a station, you can realize one function of the packaging machine (doubling the production capacity per unit time); you can also increase the station to package a variety of materials (such as the mixing of grains and so on); because of its powerful function, The maintenance is simple and the operation is stable, which is very popular among customers at home and abroad.

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